In 1978, Kevin Clay found himself in the coffee industry. Back then, things were different. Coffee wasn’t cool or trendy or even tasty… it was what people drank in the morning.

But things started to change.

Kevin worked as a delivery man, salesman, district manager, and ended up running a corporate foodservice division.

Through the years, he started falling in love with single origin coffee, and Kevin wanted to share this new experience with the world.

And in 1996, Mill City Roasting was born.


The mission of Mill City is to keep business simple, and treat others right.

Over the past 25 years, Mill City has helped countless businesses thrive from the ground up. Through building relationships with our friends in the food industry, we’ve learned how to provide others with the tools *they need* to achieve success.

We’re all in this together, so we might as well be friends, right?

Doing What We Can

Mill City Roasting is now the largest operating specialty coffee roaster in New Hampshire.

We love our community. And we don’t want that to ever, ever change.

Some might say we’re a bit old-school.

  • We’ve basically been sourcing the same coffees from the same brokers for 25 years.
  • We use the same coffee roasting equipment we started with.
  • We still sit down with our friends and clients to sip and enjoy a good ole’ cup of joe.

It’s not always easy doing business right, so we’ve partnered with global leaders that specialize in maintaining coffee sustainability. They help us do right by our coffee farmers and our community.

See Our Sustainability Promise

Want to know what 25 years of specialty coffee roasting experience tastes like?

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