Coffee isn’t simple.

Growing, processing, and acquiring coffee is a complex web of environmental sustainability, supply chain dynamics, and ethical sourcing challenges.

We believe we have a responsibility to draw wisdom from industry leaders on how to source coffee in ways that are good for both our planet and our industry’s vulnerable workers. To “wing it” would be to waste the powerful research and goodwill of passionate experts in coffee sustainability.

That’s why we’re not going it alone when it comes to ethical sourcing.

Partnering With InterAmerican

InterAmerican Coffee, part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), is dedicated to sourcing the world’s best coffees.

And they do this by enacting their mission:
“To be responsible participants in the coffee supply chain and to use their relationships, expansive reach and decades of experience to support and promote a prosperous and long-lasting future for coffee”

  • NKG invested more than $10 million in sustainability initiatives, with more than $2 million in investments in 2018.
  • Just in Kenya, achievements included 1,500 farm visits, 126,000 seedlings distributed, direct financing to 545 farmers and the installation of 198 waste management systems.
  • 86% of sustainability initiatives are collaborative efforts with third parties, whether banks, NGOs or customers, and 26% involve more than one NKG company.

As a small, local specialty coffee roaster, Mill City is proud to work with InterAmerican to source our beautiful coffees. Because of them, we are able to roast you coffee that is ethical… and absolutely delicious.

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